Is there a way to set "includeSourceLanguage:true" from CLI?


I’d like to have an ability to conditionally download source language. How can I do that?

I know there is a concept of dynamic config which kinda works, but it requires me to update all my scripts to pass default value for parameter.

If I add something like this to localazy.json

  "download": {
    "includeSourceLang": "${includeSourceLang}"

then I need to change all my existing commands to localazy download -p includeSourceLang:false. And also I’m forced to pass this option to upload command too otherwise config file can’t be read

I’d like to keep the ability to use localazy download and optionally to call localazy download -p includeSourceLang:true when I want to update sourceLange.

Thank you in advance!

Hello, this will be available in a couple of hours with the default values for external parameters. Thanks for your suggestion!

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