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Blog articles

Localazy blog articles bring you useful guides and tips as well as stories of how our beloved users use Localazy in their daily activities.

How To?

Discover a wealth of knowledge and learn how to accomplish various tasks efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re a beginner seeking basic instructions or an experienced user looking to expand your skills, this category provides the guidance you need.


Do you have a question related to Localazy CLI? This is the right place to ask! Did you need to create a special configuration for the framework/platform you use? Share it with the community and help others in the same situation.

Feature Ideas

Do you have an idea on how to improve Localazy? Let us know here!

Bug reports

Discuss all bugs and issues you have found while using Localazy. Please provide as many details as possible including screenshots + captures.

News & Releases

This category is dedicated to all the big and small changes we make to improve Localazy for you.

Help each other

Do you have a library to share with others and want to share it/in need of testers? Do you seek help with some languages or just need to discuss that i18n question? Feel free to use this category.

Boiler room

Every office does have a special places - that one table near to the coffee machine where you can just have a small talk, invite others to your party, tell dirty jokes and other innovative ideas. Feel free to have a free talk not related to making your apps more successful.

What do you love or hate on Localazy?

Are you deep in love or fed up ready for divorce? There is a board for it!


Growthackers category covers all topics related to growth. Scaling up - marketing, staff, user adoption or anything else related to sucess.