Support for i18Next plurals for JSON, ARB, YAML, PHP and others

We’ve added support for i18next plurals.

Both for the singular/plural format:

  "key": "item",
  "key_plural": "items",
  "keyWithCount": "{{count}} item",
  "keyWithCount_plural": "{{count}} items"

And for the full plural forms:

  "key_0": "zero",
  "key_1": "singular",
  "key_2": "two",
  "key_3": "few",
  "key_4": "many",
  "key_5": "other"

You can now use it in your files and also through Format Conversions.

It’s supported by our parsers for:

  • JSON
  • ARB
  • YAML
  • PHP
  • JSON5
  • JavaScript