Release Update: File Management + iOS SDK and new pricing options!

Hi everyone, let me introduce the new release update!

What’s new?

  • We are introducing new pricing with cashflow friendly options and more features at lower costs.
  • iOS SDK to make the developer experience even juicier, take a bite!
  • Import your files directly; you won’t need CLI for simple stuff anymore! Plus, additional file options.
  • Community Section! Earn rewards and help us help you grow!
  • More improvements and fixes, as is customary. :blush:

Details in the release update article: ⚡ Release Update: File Management + iOS SDK and new pricing options!

Feel free to discuss and ask questions :slight_smile:


New Prices aren’t as convenient as the previous ones. I could add 1k lines when I needed it. I wish to have old prices

Hi Vladimir, the option to add source keys / lines / phrases is still available!

Even though we made some adjustments to the prices, you can increase your limit whenever you need in the marketplace and choose one time payment, no need to upgrade to a higher tier:)

Take a look in the marketplace.

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Oh sorry! I didn’t see it. Now I understand that you are adding new features in these tariffs. It’s awesome! Thanks a lot!


Btw, we also made the advanced features (release tags, format conversions, connected apps, etc.) more available placing them together into a single plan. No need to purchase them separately.