Reading club of Localazy people

Dear Localazians,

do you read books? Which one stuck in your mind recently? Let’s recommend to each other some interesting reading we can enjoy. To kick-off this discussion, I will start with three books which, in mine opinion, are pretty cool.

  1. Scramble: How agile strategy can build epic brands in record time

I really loved the pace of the book. From the beginning, I’ve been a bit out of the dish of what will happen, but few hours later I was pretty close to the end. From my point, absolutely immersive story covering facts. To be totally honest with you, I prefer to read literature of the fact, not a beletry. But this was something in between. Scramble is a lot about design thinking. Hell, Marty Neuimeier is just great author. Another book I would recommend is, for example, is Metaskills.

  1. The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy by Laurent Gounelle

When something “bad” happened in my life, one very special person in my life told me hey, read this book and do not come back until you finish it. Laurent Gounelle is a psychologist and writer. God bless he wrote this sort of self-help book. If you are, dear friend, in a difficult period of your life, in a transition ritual or just want a great read for your retreat, go and give this book a try.

  1. Walks in the Wild: A guide through the forest with Peter Wohlleben

I wanted to share with you this special book by Peter Wohlleben. Learn about and from the forest. This immersive book will teleport you into a forest and will show you how amazing a forest can be as an ecosystem. The bonus - you will learn some awesome survival tips before it was cool to call it survival.

What is your favourite book?