Order of reviewing phases

Sometimes when I believe that the translator does a well job I usually do accept all.
Problem comes where sometimes I have first machine translation then user translation or mix of them, and sometimes I accept wrong formatted string from a machine translation.

My idea is to have a order in that, first show one which translator does, then machine translation.

I hope I am clear with what I mean :relaxed:

Can you please specify what you mean by machine translations? Do you mean our ShareTM or something else?

Because human translations should be prioritized over ShareTM already.

Yes, I meant ShareTM, for example I got a partial Bulgarian translation, first was human, few then was from ShareTM, then again.

I will have a look at it, but it should already offer human translations before ShareTM. Maybe, some issue with sorting or other conditions.

Let me know if I am able to get log over the console or something that you need.

Thanks, but I will need to create some tests for it, so it’s replicable ;-).

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