Localazy CDN with i18next-http-backend

Hi there,
I’m trying to use the Localazy CDN together with the i18next-http-backend. Currently, I’m running into an issue because each file in localazy has an additional and unique key in the path (which is not the filename or the language).


The problem is, that the i18next-http-backend tries to interpolate a path of the following format

I’ve already considered the implementation in GitHub - localazy/i18next-cdn-example. However, the approach there is to manually parse all the files in JS and provide them as input in the i18n.init function.
If we, for example, want to leverage the i18n reloadInterval property, to refresh the translations every few hours, the approach in the above example isn’t viable.

Is there an approach to use the localazy CDN as i18n HTTP backend, to avoid having to rebuild/redeploy the project once the translation is updated?
Thanks for your help!