Is there a way to get current translation (phrase) "needs improvement" status through API?

/projects/:projectId/files/:fileId/keys/:lang endpoint can be used to download all translations.
Despite their “needs improvement” status.

Is there any undocumented API functionality to filter out by “needs improvement” ?
Is there any undocumented API functionality to download translation comments - not the source comment “Translation note”, but from Comments tab in translation (phrase) section?


Also I have a following question:

Is there a way to get translations through API that are in review state?


this isn’t currently possible, although I can definitely see how this could be helpful.

@vaclav, could we maybe include it as part of the extra_info option? We could either return all the information and provide guidance on how to recognize that something is waiting for review, or simply precalculate it as a separate attribute. What do you think?

It’s not possible to download unapproved translations via public API at the moment. Also, it’s a good idea to add the need improvement under the extra_info.

I added both of these requests to the list - I’ll try to add them as soon as possible.

I will let you know in this discussion once ready.


May I ask about the progress in this matter?