Improved YAML & PHP and new formats: Neon, TOML, CSV, Excel, OpenOffice, text files (app store description, etc.)

We have improved support for YAML and PHP and add a bunch of new formats!

  • Disabled splitting lines in YAML to ensure full compatibility with Symphony framework.
  • Add support for multilingual files with language names (Czech, French, …)
  • Add support for Nette Object Notation (Neon)
  • Add support for TOML
  • Add support for CSV/TSV
  • Add support for Excel (both .xls and .xlsx)
  • Add support for OpenOffice (.ods)
  • Add support for single files (text, markdown, app store description, etc.)
  • Add support for arrays in PHP format
  • Fixes a bug with single quotes in PHP format
  • Fixes bug occasional parsing bug in PHP format
  • Add several new format conversions: PHP, TOML, Neon, CSV, Excel, OpenOffice

We will soon add new formats to the documentation and integrations. Technically, they are already available :-).