How to add custom Languages for my translations project?

i thought we can add custom languages before, but i don’t see anymore this time! the reason why i have like this problem is, we have many sub tribe/Clan in our community(Lushai/Mizo) yes their Languages code is exist in Wikipedia And Google if you can search you will see, assist me or give me suggestion for this, if this was only working in Premium or paid plan, then i can’t afford at the moment because i did my self to translate for our Sub Clan/Tribe, there’s no one, its only me.

thanks in advanced.


it wasn’t and to this day isn’t possible to add custom locales. There are 5 predefined custom locales that you may use for non-supported languages and treat them as the language of your choosing. If you’re using CLI, you can then use langAliases option to rename the custom locale to your target language. You can find all the download options here.

However, bear in mind that the custom locales won’t work well if you use plural source keys as well since there currently isn’t any way to modify the language plural variants.

Please submit a Feature Idea so that others can upvote it. If more people would want this, we’ll look into it :slightly_smiling_face: