Download empty keys with "filter_untranslated" feature

In my case i’m forced to activate the feature “filter_untranslated” due to the scenario below:

  • I have untranslated keys empty (i keep keys to prevent crashes but labels are empty)
  • After first upload the empty keys are marked “needs_translation” => OK
  • I translated some keys but due to the limit time of work i have to download the project for production process
  • If i keep the default fallback feature (without filter_untranslated) then untranslated keys will have default language values => if i re-upload the project again ,(because some keys may be added), the previous keys (with empty labels) will have default values and then marked as “translated” => Can’t know what left to translate!

When i use “filter_untranslated” feature:

  • The untranslated keys don’t exist in downloaded files

What i want to know:
Is there a way to keep untranslated keys empty in download process ? not removing them and not use default language keys.

PS: in config i use filterSource: false (because i have EN & EN_US so i don’t want many keys to be marked untranslated just because they have same text as in default lang=EN)

Thank you