Discord server?

Hello there everyone!

So…as a developer with no time to spare and with a question stupid enough to not bother core team members, I’d welcome a Discord server. For those who don’t know what Discord is, it’s basically way better and free version of Slack, which I suppose more of you are aware of. I personally love Discord for it’s reliability and simplicity and I also have good experience in managing them. At work, we are using Dicord for whole IT department and it’s a great tool that helps us with organization, communication and I think it would be overall a great idea to have any form of live chat.

Share your opinions below, I’d like to know what y’all think! :slight_smile:

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Yeah discord is good too, but seems like Localazy is tied already to Slack as you can also see on the Localazy webpage. :blush:

For example I have using Trello for stacking my progress and TODO lists and based my community on Telegram. Simple using group with Telegram bots for organizing it and keep the people in peace, and allso the channel where I post my project updates, news, announcement and so on. Telegram userbase is quite big and you can easily promote your work, atract users and so on. I am Telegram member for almost 6 years now and I can day for my working and needs it’s pretty enough. At the moment I have around 6k of users in my groups + I’m member and also admin of many of them. I can easily say that there are sum of 100k+ users in the groups about the Android related projects.

After all every of those places where we can base community, development and evolve are okay, just to find suitable one. :blush:

Hello Jandy,

our discord server is available here, all active users are receiving an invitation within the onboarding email series, the link can be also found in the footer of our website.

We use Slack for the company because of many reasons and the price is not the only factor going into consideration when it comes to productivity :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting! :wink:


Oh yeah, I totally missed it lol :smiley:

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