CLI v1.7.0 - Prefixed keys, community sharing, fixes

Support for keys prefixed with $

Added support for JSON keys prefixed with $. All such keys are ignored, allowing you to use them to define $scheme, comments, or temporary disabling part of the code.

  "$scheme": "localazy/cli",
  "upload": {
    "files": [
		    "$comment": "The rule for the main app locales.",
		    "type": "json",	
		    "$features": ["filter_untranslated"],
		    "pattern": "app/**/locales/*.json"

Support for community sharing

Added support for sharing your configuration with the community. Help us to build a list of configurations for various platforms and frameworks. Just define a community section, and that’s it. Do not worry about your keys, they are removed automatically to protect your projects!

  "community": {
    "author": "Václav Hodek",
    "email": "",
    "company": "Localazy",
    "website": "",
    "tags": ["nuxt", "nuxt-i18n", "javascript", "typescript"],
    "description": "A simple configuration for uploading files for nuxt-i18n."
  // ...

NOTE: The uploaded configurations are approved manually and will be shared in the upcoming community portal.

Fixes a minor bug in the results summary

There was a bug when CLI showed results for the last import with any changes performed (either added, updated, or deprecated), not reflecting the imports without any changes. It’s fixed now.

Added a post-upload message

Added option to show server configurable post upload message. It’s supposed to show important information about the project or inform you about new features, available languages, etc.