CLI v1.5.1 - improved langExpansions, new --project option

The new version v1.5.1 is available shortly…

  • Improved language format support for langExpansions (e.g., de_DE is now supported too).

  • A new command-line option --project added for upload.

What is the new --project option about?

If you have more projects and each of your developers uses their own write and read keys, it could easily cause a major headache - accidentally uploading texts from one project to another.

You know, handling several long and human-unfriendly tokens can easily lead to a situation when keys from one project are used in the different one.

Specifying project slug or ID for the upload command like this:

localazy upload --project "my-project"

And the upload fails during verification step if write and read keys are not matching the specified project.

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