What are your most pain points in digital marketing?

Hi there, my name is Jakub, I am in charge at Localazy for marketing communication and I was curious about how I could personally help our members, especially developers with their own apps who are not marketing guys, with some digital marketing activities. While it is not possible to help you on a 1-on-1 basis, it would be great to come up with some pain points you are facing and I could address them at a scale.

So if you have any tips on topics or direct questions, do not hesitate to leave here your notes :cowboy_hat_face:

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I want to “open” this thread with my post, maybe it’s something that people will find one day useful.
Me, as a Android app developers always struggling with reaching people to my apps, it’s pretty hard job when you work alone as I do.
The most of the time actually goes to the development of the application (idea, design, coding) and you basically don’t have time and the will for the marketing which is actually more than important.
If you are planning to work on your projects as a main job this will take second place of the important things, right after developing the high quality app.
Don’t be lazy, take one day of the week for a marketing, you can do it on many ways, the most common is a free and paid way.
By free way (as I mostly do) I meant, you should reach other people, devs and your userbase (small or big) seeking for cross-promotion, giving nice opportunities and actually talk about why your app is good and why should people use it.
Paid way is easier but cost and the most of small and new baked developers trying to avoid it. I tried it once and can say that it’s pretty efficient, but I prefer free way because I always meet new people and with some I stay in a nice friendship where we can help each other with further projects.

Some tips for “free marketing”

  • Seek for the developers (bigger than you), write emails ask for cross promotion, there are always nice people who would do it, I always want to help Android app developers and share their projects on my Telegram channel:
    Telegram: Contact @paget96_projects_channel
    you can contact me over mpaget96@gmail.com
    And “the price” will be sharing my apps with your userbase. :grin:
  • Tip two will be searching for similar content as your application is, if you find a blog with similar content ask the main writer to write something in return to share his blog, find comment section and join the user discussion, write something about your application.

I am not a expert in marketing, just found some useful ways to advertise my projects, maybe I am not doing it right, but it works.
If there is better way, tell me :blush: