UX improvements to Glossary data entry workflow

When adding Glossary terms, it’d be useful if:

  • On opening the ‘Add new term’ screen, the ‘Term in source language’ text box was activated by default
  • A keyboard shortcut was available to save
  • On save, a fresh form is displayed ready to enter the next Glossary term

These features would greatly improve our quality of life when entering several Glossary terms.

I totally agree. Glossary is one of our oldest pages and we’re planning to do a complete redesign soon.
Adding this to the resources. Thank you for your feedback.


:+1: @ChipWolf Actually, I think Glossary is less useful at the moment, please let’s make it a more powerful tool :mechanical_arm:


How would you like it to improve @BeastByte ? We are open to suggestions, please :slight_smile: