Upload of new translation file leads to leading (.) for each key

Haven’t seen that behaviour before. Uploaded a new file(INI) and all translations keys, get a leading (.) e.g. my_translation_key becomes .my_translation_key.

Is that an intended behaviour that was introduced or a bug?
If it’s intended, is there a way to turn it off?

Hello Max,

this is an intended behavior, although I understand your confusion.

The dot separates the translation key from the category. Take this example


Both key belong to different categories, so their retrospective source keys would be Category1.key and Category2.key. The dot separator is there to handle duplicities within categories.

Now, the preceding dot in front of your example key simply means that the key doesn’t belong to any category. It is a purely visual thing and has no impact on your data.
However, we understand that this is confusing and we will improve the presentation in the UI. In the meantime, please ignore it and be assured that your data has been uploaded correctly.

Hi @dan

Thanks for your reply. Shortly after I posted here, I also reached out to open a bug report. As usual, the team replied quickly and could reproduce my issue, but a fix took longer. Therefore, I needed to work around it as I couldn’t wait, but was told meanwhile that it’s working now.