Upload features to manage vuei18n plurals

Hi there.
I’m trying to tell Localazy that (with the CLI) I’m uploading a JSON file with the vuei18n plural convention.

I saw this documentation: CLI: File Format - JSON | Localazy Docs

But I can’t figure out how to manage the vuei18n plural convention (described here Pluralization | Vue I18n).

In my strings I have (sample json file):

  "some": {
    "pluralized": {
      "string": "{num} element | {num} elements"

Does anybody know which is the file format I need to set in the upload > features array of the localazy.json file?

Thank you!

Any idea? :pray:

Thank you!


this format is now supported by adding plural_pipeline in the upload > features for several formats (JSON, ARB, YAML, JSON5, HJSON, JS, PHP, NEON, TOML).

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