Untranslated keys are removed in downloaded files

When download empty keys & the feature “filter_untranslated” is enabled => keys do not exist.
Why remove these keys in downloaded files ?
That will make crashes in the project.


this feature is optional and useful when you want to be warned about the missing translation keys. For example, Vue’s i18n library automatically falls back to the fallback language it the translation key doesn’t exist which may help you track it down.

If you don’t want this, you don’t need to enable this feature. Or are you trying to achieve something else?

Yes in my case i use an automated workflow that downloads the keys from Localazy and commit them to Git, and i enabled this feature to prevent the case when:

  • i upload keys to Localazy (some are untranslated)
  • download keys (even not fully translated)
  • next upload contains default values of the untranslated keys => Localazy take them as translated

PS: filterSource= false, because i use EN as default language so if filterSource=true i end up with many keys in EN_US considered as not translated! since EN and EN_US have many phrases in commons