Understanding Release Tags and Questions

Hey all,

I’ve read about the release tags recently thought I could use this in my dev environment, so my setup is something similar to what localazy docs are suggesting, having two tags one for staging environment and another for production. Somehow I’m still not sure how this updation of tags work.

I’ll briefly explain my case.
All my translation changes go through github action to the default release tag (latest).
When my staging environment build is getting completed I use this specific command to make my translations move from latest to release.
localazy tag -r <READ_KEY> -w <WRITE_KEY> promote latest staging

And when my release changes are finalized, I make a production build which runs:
localazy tag -r <READ_KEY> -w <WRITE_KEY> promote staging production

By this I was expecting all my translations should be available in production which were pushed to latest once but that is not the case, some keys are missing.
Even if I run the same command, I see no effect.

Can someone please explain me if this is how releases work? And how can I make it work in my case?


by the time the tag is created, no other changes (no new keys, no new translations, no new languages) are added to it. It’s a snapshot of the given moment. Couldn’t that be the issue?

Maybe, we could go through it on call so that I understand your situation and see if there is no issue on our side.

Can you mail me at vaclav@localazy.com to find a slot for a call?