Sort key/values by last modification date in the "Manage Source" page

Sorting key/value of the source language/translations in the “Manage Source” page would be super useful for us.

In our company, every developer adds/edits texts in the source language that end up being raw suggestions. After that, all the new phrases need to be reviewed and polished by an expert.

Would be super useful if the expert could sort the key/values on localazy so he could review all the ones modified (added/edited) after a certain date.

If anyone knows about another way to do it, please tell me :slight_smile:

Thank you!


This is not possible atm, but we think it would be a great addition to the product.

As a workaround, some users use the source language as a development language, and then they usually add another language that holds the clean translations.

So for example you develop in “en” and translate everything to “en_US” in the process.
This also gives you the ability to review and react to changes in the development language.

It’s not ideal, and we’re already thinking about how to enable this kind of workflow with the source language, but it just works without any further changes.

Please try it out and let me know.

@janbilek What about a Date Value like Key, Source and Translations Fields in the Translation Page? Can you please add that field also? :100:#NEEDIT

@janbilek thank you very much for the idea, I might try that.

Are you in a position to give an estimation for this kind of feature?

Unfortunately, it’s not planned anytime soon.

@janbilek I was trying to see how feasible the process you suggested would be to implement internally.
However, I’m not sure if understood the following: if the dev language is used as the source language, indeed you can make sure you review it if you use another language to save the clean translations.

But the translations are set to be made against the source language. Even if one language held the clean translations, the source language would then need to be synced with that “clean” language. Only then you would be able to start the translation process.

Am I correct or missing something? It seems like a tiresome process to do.

Yes there’s a need to sync the clean language back to the source.
However, due to the increased demand for that feature, we’re probably going to increase the priority.

Hi @janbilek, can you provide any update regarding this one?

This one is still waiting. However, I pushed the priority a bit since more people asked as well.

@janbilek any update on this?