Show keys of strings which differ in Localazy and uploaded source file

I got the notification:

" Phrases string1 and string2 and 3 more in the source language were already changed on Localazy and don’t match imported version. Check that your source language is in sync."

This is a good notification, but currently, I see no way to actually identify which other 3 keys have differing text between the local and the Localazy version. I am on owner level, either I missed that action, or it is not included in the free plan or it is not yet available. I think it would be great to be able to access an overview that shows you these identified strings, so they can be fixed without needing to reupload the file multiple times while fixing two strings at a time.

When re-uploading the file and changing the first 2 mentioned keys, then the number stays at “3 more”. Downloading the file and compare locally is sadly no option as the structure and format of the downloaded file totally differ from the original string res file.

If you click on the notification, then only a “Page not found” warning is shown.

I have this on the roadmap to find a way how to make the list of all phrases available to you. Coming soon ;).