Show individual professional translators

Rather than all professional translation work showing under the ‘Virtual Translator’ user; allow us to see some individuality and put a name/avatar to the person we are communicating with in comments etc.

@vaclav What do you think? What would be the pros/cons?

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I agree, so this give you more “humanity” to your VT Translator. (Pros)
Right now, it’s look like your interacting with another Bot or Robot Machine.


@vaclav Why don’t we show real usernames only for professional translations? It would make it look more “professional” and easier in communication, since you know who’s sitting on the other side.


Virtual Translator is a special type of account with different permissions allowing to access extra features and assigned projects/languages. For the system, it always looks like the same account. Its synthetic nature means that all parameters are inherited from the parent account.

I think that it was possible to change it some time ago, but this possibility was lost when we introduced a new permission model.

We could change this for sure. I will add it to the roadmap.

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