Release tags, branchs, and continuous delivery


I spent a lot of time in the doc without really understanding how release tags work.
We develop following semantic versionning and continuous delivery rules.
Everything merged against main is going in production, and development can be done from develop or hotfix branch. In my pipeline, I download the main tag before every build.

I am on my develop branch, I just finished my feature and my main file is:

  "hello": "Hello world",
  "new-feature": "so cool"

I run localazy upload to update the project and I now wait for translations.
In the meaning time I realize I need a fix.
On the hotfix branch my main file is:

  "hello": "Hello everybody!"

I run localzy upload again to update my source language and I now wait for two translations.
Let’s assume hotfix is done first and is ready to go live.

What’s the command to update the main tag (and hotfix too?) to only have the hello key and not new-feature?

Thanks for the help.


you need to use the tag merging feature:

The command should look like:
localazy tag merge --mode overwrite --key hello develop main main

  • --mode overwrite - change the source language
  • --key hello - only apply to hello key
  • develop main main → merge translations from develop to main and store result as main

You could also try something like for testing it before merging to main:
localazy tag merge --mode overwrite --key hello develop main test

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