Project folders or tags

I know there may not be the usual scenario, but we have lots of small developments rather than one or two big ones.
In this case, I feel it will be handy to have some additional sorting capabilities.
I’m thinking about folders or tags.
Visibility filters are OK, but I hope to have around +25 translations projects added to Localazy and any additional help will be appreciated.

Hello Oscar, could you elaborate? :slight_smile:
Are we talking about sorting on the projects’ dashboard page? This one?

There are multiple sort and filter options as well as search input, so the sorting capabilities are already quite flexible. If I understand you well, you’d like to be able to put some tags in place, such as mobile or web to be able to filter for those?

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That one!
Currently you can filter visibility and of course the always convenient seach box, but the tags will help even more :slight_smile:


Tags are already on the backlog :wink:

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