Plural with "zero" item not working

Hi Localazy Community.
I’m facing this problem, and maybe I’m missing something, so I’m asking for help.

I have plurals in my codabase, where the traslations are stored in the i18next format:

This is a snippet of my translation json file:

  "some": {
    "path": {
      "pile": {
        "people_zero": "nobody",
        "people_one": "one person",
        "people_other": "{{count}} people"

In my code base, in the upload.features setting I have ["plural_postfix_us"].
I’m not using the plural_i18next setting because il the Localazy docs plural_postfix_us (CLI: File Format - JSON | Localazy Docs) matches the i18next documentation (see above link), and the plural_i18next doesn’t (https:// localazy [dot] com/docs/cli/json-format#defined-using-i18next-plural), as far as I can tell.

With these settings, this is what I see in the Localazy web interface:

It looks like the “zero” string was not recognised and managed in the Localazy web ui.
What am I doing wrong?

Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you,


there is no zero plural form in English. We respect valid plural forms as defined by CLDR.

What you are trying to achieve is misusing the zero plural for an empty check.

Anyway, if you really need it, we can configure custom plurals for your project. Just let me know.