No support for “decimal number”-only plural types

Currently, Localazy has some support for plurals as per documentation. The documentation explicitly says: “Localazy supports all plural types from the latest version of CLDR definition file.”
From my point of view, this is not true, as for example in Czech language there isn’t support for “many” type or in Russian there isn’t support for the “other” type (you can find the plural types in the CLDR Plural Rules). It seems that the common denominator for these unsupported types is that they are used for handling only decimal numbers.

Current Czech rules in the editor

CLDR Plural Rules for Czech

If you are going to support these types, then you would also need to update the documentation as only three Czech plural types are mentioned there (for example in the Plurals section of Flutter ARB format).

I have tried to enforce displaying the “many” type in Czech in the editor by including it in a file as another translation and importing the file after that.

The result is that I can see the “many” type in the phrases list, but cannot see it in the editor.

This is because while importing, Localazy doesn’t check if the plural type of the phrase in the file in one particular language (doesn’t matter if it’s source or target) matches the CLDR plural type of that particular language; it only matches that the type is from a global list of plural types (“zero”, “one”, “two”, “few”, “many”, “other”). And the editor displays a predefined set of plural types for a particual language.

Phrases list:



you are right, we don’t support decimal-only plural forms.

The reason is that they are not supported by all frameworks/platforms and it caused serious issues with some of them. Android being the most notable one of them.

At the moment, we are able to enable custom plurals per language, so there is a solution for it and we plan to make this available through UI too.

In the meantime, if you need it, just let us know and we can configure it for you.