No InTM suggestion for very similiar string

I have created a new project in the Free tier. I have added a JSON file with two phrases: “You are amongst the best.” and “You are amongst the worst.”.
Then I have translated the first one and approved the translation.
When I tried to translate the second phrase, there was no InTM suggestion for the TM match from the first phrase. Am I missing something? Is the TM match too low?

List of phrases:

No InTM suggestion:

It’s not a bug. These phrases are in no way similar. Contrary, they are very different in the meaning. InTM and ShareTM is not suggestion engine nor machine translator - it should only provide translations that you can be certain about to some extent.

  • InTM is able to move phrases between projects, so it’s not using fuzzy logic at all, but rather almost exact match. In this case, it would be incorrect to match it.

  • ShareTM uses a similar approach with broader match, but it shouldn’t suggest you translations with the same meaning only.

  • However, I would expect such phrase to be listed in similar phrases.