New line feed in localazy string

I have created a key on localazy portal with value containing text “\n”. Mentioning below key & value:
key - login_text_key
Value - Login is happening.\nThis may take up to 1 minute."

Upon syncing with localazy server received a value with extra slash
key - login_text_key
Value - Login is happening.\\nThis may take up to 1 minute."

I need to use “\n” instead of adding “Enter”


the translation process on Localazy is designed for translators whenever possible, so placing \n in the translation field should be encoded correctly as \n since translators are typically not trying to place escaped characters.

If you really want to introduce a new line, just use Enter, which should be correctly encoded based on the output format (e.g., as \n for JSON etc.).

What is your file format, and why do you need \n instead of a different representation?

We are aware that \n instead of a new line is required for Android to work correctly with Preference screens and fragments. Is it your case?