Message Id is missing in Qt ts file when I add a text via the web UI

When I add a new text with the file management, it looks normal on first sight.
But when I try to download the translations, via the cli or the web UI, the ts file looks like this.

    <translation>BEG Test</translation>

It should look like this.

<message id="TSQ0000000">
    <source />
    <translation>BEG Test</translation>


the main issue here is that QT TS is typically used in several different ways, sometimes using the identifier in the source, sometimes in the

We support both variants, but we need to add the option to enable it when uploading files manually.

I’m adding it to our list. Please allow a few days for the option to become available.

I investigated the issue and wasn’t able to reproduce it as there are several different situations. Please @BEG, can you send me your file to, so I can test it directly?

Hi @vaclav,
what file do you mean? The localazy.json or the ts file?

@BEG: You can send me both files, but the TS file is more important :-).