Make source of Localazy InTm more specific

In our projects, we have the convention that identical source text in the segment should always lead to the same translation. The software is adapted when that does not hold, so for instance ‘View’ is always a verb and never an object. In that case it is rewritten to ‘Database View’ or whatever.

Localazy does matching on InTm when the source text is identical. However, the InTm Hint does not explicitly describe from where the hint is taken. It solely displays:

This translation is provided by Localazy InTM and comes from another phrase in your project or from connected projects.

It would help the user to easier establish whether it is just yet another identical translation within the project or some inherited from another project.

Suggestion is to split the text in some variants like:

Translation originates from the resource ... in this project.

Translation originates from the connected project xxx.

Translation originates from multiple sources, including the resource ... in this project and from connected project(s) such as xxx.

Of course it would even be better when inheritance using InTm within the project could be fully automated. The way it is now it is probably also very expensive, since the same translation has to be paid multiple times for when using a professional translator.


thanks for the tips!

  1. We definitely want to add identification of the project the translation comes from.

  2. InTM can work automatically if the translation and the key are the same. Even across different projects. However, as long as the key is not the same, it’s only sent to the review process as there may be a different meaning. E.g., book (paperback one) vs. book (reservation).

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