Localazy for Contributors

Localazy is a niche-specific translation tool. We specialize in the world of mobile app localization to provide the best possible user experience for all parties involved. Universal CAT tools are sophisticated and robust, but they sometimes miss the point of being easy to use.

Localazy contributors can benefit from all standard translation tools, such as a glossary, translation memory, machine translation help and other means of everyday use. So, what is unique about Localazy? We specialize and focus our best efforts to create advanced, yet easy to use app localization platform.

As of today, you can benefit from CAT tool for mobile apps and cooperate with your developer, app owner or just volunteer and help your favourite app get productively translated in other languages.

Why you might find Localazy comfortable?

  • Prioritized translations make sure your work makes a real impact
  • Automatic translation updates make sure your work is available fast
  • Improved cooperation between content authors and contributors
  • We help app developers and owners to understand your needs
  • We have tried many CAT tools from all sides as a team
  • Thus, we know the pain points, and Localazy is here to fix them.

Ask your fellow developer or a client to consider Localazy.

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