Little improvement on getting Chinese strings

While doing the update of my app localization, some Chinese users reported that app is not being translated to their language.

Later I found that it’s because of the Region. My idea here is to export Chinese Simplified to all the regions where they use it, and also the same for Chinese Traditional. Because of complexity of it, it will be good whether the developer want getting for each region separated or no. Also if this count as a important thing, then just implement it without any configuration.

Hello, Danijel,

I know about your situation, so just for clarification: You are using CLI for translating Android apps, am I right?

This issue with Chinese doesn’t apply to other frameworks/platforms. It’s an Android-specific problem caused by how Android was designed and the unfortunate decision from Android’s developers to replace scripts with different regions. It doesn’t happen when using our Android Gradle plugin as it’s fully aware of this issue and generates multiple Chinese resources automatically.

I’ve already added this to my list and we would need to introduce some extra logic for Android to CLI. We can’t do that generally, because CLI is platform/framework agnostic. Maybe, we will be able to do it automatically for Android only - not sure yet, haven’t look at it closely yet.

At the moment, and I believe you do, you can fix this by using transformations, multiple download rules, and conditions.

However, as this may affect more users, it’s worth introducing some kind of solution ;-).

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Hey yo, yes, we have talked before about it so I just wanted to put it here just to not be forgotten. :relaxed:
What i some here is copying the string file to other Chinese regions which solve the issue.

I don’t know how CLI exactly works, but I have some logical solution for it.
Since we have few regions, can we simply have a gradle task for Chinese only or some kind of a direct multiple download rules that would do this for us automatically on Android.

And yeah thing you said can solve the issue but it require a time for implementation, and we will have more code in there. I’m not saying that it’s a problem :relaxed: but people always looking to do something easier, faster and not much time consuming.
We should have a perfect tool suitable for anyone :blush: That will definitely make it top.


I will wrap my head around this as soon as we iterating over CLI again. There are already some tasks waiting for our attention :-).

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Thanks, I want to be alpha tester of this feature when it’ll be ready :blush:

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I will let you know once it’s ready.

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There is now a solution for this: languages aliases and expansions

It’s not Android-specific, but it allows you to easily specify more languages or change the language:

"langAliases": {
  "zh-Hant-TW": "zh-TW"
"langExpansions": {
  "zh-Hant-TW": ["zh-MO", "zh-CN"]

It’s available in CLI v1.4.0.

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