List of disabled locales for a project

I spend some time every day just to delete some locales that I don’t want to add in my app. For example I have my app translated to Persian, but people add Persian (Iran) locale, and lots of other country specific locales, that I don’t want to maitain.
It would be great to have list of disabled locales, that users cannot to add in the project.

Hello Oleksandr. You can do the same thing we do in our Localazy project - keep the languages you don’t want to use or maintain hidden. That way people can neither add them or translate/review them.

I realize that it’s annoying that this way this languages take space in the list. In the upcoming UI update, which I hope will be live next week, you’ll be able to filter out disabled languages and show only the one you have enabled. That should pretty much cover your requirement I think


It is awesome news, can’t wait :slight_smile:

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@dan , I have new UI now, but it does not work.

I have disabled Persian Iran, but when I’ve checked in anonymous tab what languages are visible, Persian Iran is still visible to users.

Hey @Oleksandr_Albul, it surprised me as well to be honest. I forgot that that disabled in full means disabled for publishing, so such a language is not downloaded through CLI, CDN and such. However, people can still continue with translations as the commonly the main reason why it’s disabled is that it’s not fully translated.

I understand your use case, but currently it’s not possible to do. Let’s leave this topic open and if more people need it, we’ll come up with solution. I apologize I cannot help you more at the moment.

If you want to “hide” the language completely, you can click the three dots icon on the right side and Delete language.

You will be given an option to Delete all language data - if you untick the checkbox, the language is technically only hidden and all its existing data are preserved.

That could do the trick for you.

That does work, but it doesn’t prevent users from adding the language again. That’s what is Oleksandr after I suppose in the end → being able to prevent users from adding certain languages while not having them take space in the language table for higher roles (such as owner)