How to download source file

Hello, my team is trying to implement Localazy CLI in a way that allows us to share our string resources between our Android and iOS apps.

I’ve created a JSON file with all of our strings and descriptions that I’m able to upload via the CLI tool, and download the translation files, but I’m stuck at how we’re able to share the original file between team members.

I know we can configure our localazy.json file to include the “includeSourceLang:true” flag, but when I do that the generated file doesn’t include all of the descriptions for the strings.

Ideally we’d like each member of our team to be able to download the latest version of the source strings file (including the descriptions) before modifying and pushing updates that can then be downloaded by the rest of the team. Is that possible?



A typical way to do this is to make the source JSON file available through the GIT repository. Whenever a commit is pushed to the repository (or a pull request is merged, depending on your strategy), the CI/CD pipeline is invoked, and the file is uploaded to Localazy. We have, e.g., Github Actions for this.

This way, there is a single source of truth.

@vaclav But this assumes we have a single repository as our source of truth, and in our case we have 2. One for Android and one for iOS. And in the future, potentially one for our website.

I understand. However, having different sources can lead to conflicts. It would also be possible to have one repository as a source. E.g., Android to be a source of truth and all the new translations are added only to the Android repository first and subsequently downloaded by the iOS developers in their format.

Or having a special repo just for translations available in a JSON file. This repo can be accessible both for iOS and Android developers.

Theoretically, you can upload the initial JSON file to Localazy and add new strings only on Localazy.