How to delete removed strings when using cli localazy upload

Hi. I am new to this platform and I use the localazy cli under Linux.
I could manage to upload my files and translate more than 1000 strings. At the moment I am in the trial period and I cannot publish and download. Before upgrading my plan I prefer continue to try. My question is how to remove strings no longer used from the server when uploading a new version of my file?

I’m not an expert but from what I understood it’s not possible. You can deprecate strings by adding

  "deprecate": "file",
  "deprecateMissing": true,

to the upload section of your localazy.json file. Then in the web UI, in the details of your source language you can use the left filter to show only deprecated ones. Once selected you can delete them 10 by 10.

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Ok. Thank you very much.

Hello, Esoj,

it’s exactly as pointed out by @existe_deja. Except, you can delete them 100 by 100 if you switch to showing more items per page.

Soon, it will be possible to delete all at once.