How do large dev teams use LocaLazy without overwriting each other's work?

Set up

We’re currently using a standard automated setup of LocaLazy similar to what is detailed in this blog post.

Essentially, we have a develop branch and we create feature branches from that branch. We’re using GitHub Actions to automatically upload any new keys/changes that are made to our source language files when a PR is opened against develop (upload only occurs if changes are made to en files).


This works well if only one developer is making a change to our en source language files at a time.
But when we have multiple PRs open against develop that each makes updates to the source language files, we end up with inconsistent results in LocaLazy.


How do large dev teams using LocaLazy deal with this problem of having multiple PRs open at the same time that each makes changes to source language files?


We’re currently exploring the possibility of adding a branching functionality to our system, which would be ideal. However, this capability is not yet available, and keeping strings isolated remains a challenge at the moment.

Fortunately, Localazy doesn’t remove any content from the files, so everything you upload is combined and remains in the system. This means you can wait until your pull request is merged before uploading your strings and do translations after the development work is completed.

We’ve been receiving more and more requests for the branching feature, and we’re seriously considering expanding the Localazy framework to support a wider range of team workflows in the near future.