Handle orphan source keys

We have a sphinx-docs project, with some changes from time to time.
Uploading new pot files will cause in orphan source keys. for example:


#: ../../configexamples/autotest/Wireguard/Wireguard.rst:6
msgid "Testdate: 2023-02-24"
msgstr ""


#: ../../configexamples/autotest/Wireguard/Wireguard.rst:6
#: ../../configexamples/autotest/tunnelbroker/tunnelbroker.rst:7
msgid "Testdate: 2023-08-31"
msgstr ""

the old key will never apear in the original pot file again. But will stay in localazy forever. Is there a good, fast way to find these and delete the source keys?


just add "deprecate": "file" to your upload section to automatically mark missing keys as deprecated.