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Localazy is a small digital team with prior experience both in mobile app development (such as Floating Apps) or online marketing. We do realize how it is sometimes hard to get some positive traction for a digital product. Now we are offering you, fellow mobile app developers, a standing invitation to publish a review about your app, yourself or your service for mobile app developers. After all, as authors of translation tool for mobile apps and app developers, we are on the same board.

What do you get?

Receive media coverage with support of the Localazy team and get more users for your mobile app or service. Based on the content provided and capacity of our editorial calendar, we will publish your interview on Localazy blog, our specialized media outlet for app developers and on our social media outlets. You will be informed about the planned interview release in advance.

What is the process?

After you fill in our interview application form and if chosen for an interview, we will contact you and send an interview draft tailored just for you. We will then need you to answer our questions. No worries, you will receive a documentation about the whole process to make it smooth.

Who may apply?

This open invitation is available for a limited number of people and we do reserve the right to make selections based on our business and content strategy. For that reason, the application process is quick not to consume more than 5 minutes of your time.

We are pleased to publish an interview with all independent developers and small digital teams who deliver tangible value to their users. You need to have a working mobile app or a service for developers. We are keen to support indie, academic and nonprofit causes, but also starting and already successful commercial apps.

Where is the hook?

We will appreciate if you can share the interview with your network. That’s it! Our links are no-follow unless we start a partnership. Thanks for understanding. In case you would like to negotiate a partnership, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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