Floating Apps - experience the real multitasking on your Android

The official website is here: https://floatingapps.net
Also available on Google Play, Huawei App Gallery, and Amazon App Store.

Open more apps at the same time in floating windows and enjoy real multitasking! Don’t leave the current app for a small task… Floating Apps is the largest and the most advanced collection of floating mini apps available on Google Play!

  • take notes or use a calculator anywhere & anytime
  • view email attachments without leaving the email app
  • view multiple PDF files at the same time
  • open links in a floating browser and view them later
  • translate vocabularies without leaving the current app
  • and do much much much more…

Supported languages: EN, IN, CS, DA, DE, ES, FR, IT, LT, PL, PT-BR, PT-PT, RO, SK, SV, VI, TR, RU, UK, KO, JA, HI, TH, ZH-TW, TH-CN, FA, AR, HU (translated with Localazy :heart:)

Floating Apps comes with more than 41 floating apps including:

  • Browser
  • Notes
  • Document Viewer (PDF, DOC, DOCX, ODT, and more)
  • Calendar
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Calculator
  • Contacts
  • File Manager
  • Music Player
  • Video Player
  • Image Viewer
  • Audio Recorder
  • Translator
  • Paint
  • Google Maps
  • Wifi Manager
  • Games
  • and 21 more apps (see https://www.floatingapps.net for full list of 41 floating apps)…
  • also, you can create your own floating apps from home screen widgets and URLs!


And the old funny video ad on YouTube.

Web: https://www.floatingapps.net
Facebook: Floating Apps - Accueil | Facebook
Feedback: https://floatingapps.uservoice.com