Filter on translator name

It would be a time saver to be able to filter the list of translations by translator name. Or give us some way to separate the automatic/suggested translations from the human translations.

:bulb: Great Idea!

It’s very important that a project leader can differentiates between humans and machines. :man_technologist: vs :robot:

Hello John, thank you for your suggestion!

Can you elaborate what are you after exactly? If you only need to see translations provided by a specific user, you can navigate to ContributorsClick on a contributor. There you’ll see his/hers translations (including rejected)

Or do you need to achieve sth else?

Hi Dan, while your suggested method works, it is a little awkward. When I click one of the translations in the list to edit then click Save, I am not returned to the list of translations for that particular user but rather the list of all the translations. It would save a lot of clicking if I was returned to the original list. Or if I could filter the list of all translations to just show those that were done by people (vs automatic) that are waiting for review. I don’t want to review translations that were done by machine because I have much more confidence in the accuracy if the native speaker reviews it first.

Alright, understood now. Thanks for your feedback! This is definitely something that should be improved.