Effect of changing from flat key structure to nested structure

We currently use a flat key structure for our i18n message keys, which is becoming difficult to work with and to reorganise. I am keen to change our source file to a nested structure, but I am wondering what the effect would be on existing translations. So, for instance, if I changed:

errorDuplicateEmail: 'It looks like that email address is already in use'


errors: { duplicateEmail: 'It looks like that email address is already in use' }

Would all of our translations need to be added again by our translators?

At the moment, it’s not possible to change the key through our UI but we could help you with it.

Can you please contact me via vaclav@localazy.com and let me know how many changes do you expect to be needed (how many keys)?

We have our source file in our code as a JSON file, that gets uploaded to Localazy on deployment — does that make a difference? We don’t change the keys in the Localazy UI but in our source code.

It would be best to rename the keys on Localazy to preserve all existing translations and records.

If you just reupload the JSON with different keys, they will be understood as new ones.