Documentation of OTA webservices

Currently OTA is supported only on Android with your gradle plugin.

Would be nice to be able to implement the same for other solutions. For that having documentation of the OTA API would be helpful to implement it on our side.

I’m interested to have it for dart/Flutter

The OTA updates mechanism uses an internal binary format for exchanging strings and anonymous statistics. The format is compressed and it is not a trivial task to read it correctly.

There are specific requirements for each of the platforms too and so, e.g., the Android format is not the same as the one for iOS.

Also, data for OTA updates is currently generated only from a certain set of strings (e.g., for Android only those coming from Android).

Of course, we will gladly cooperate with you if you are interested in creating alternative for Flutter.

Sure! For now CDN is enough for me but pretty sure OTA update will be needed at some point so I’m open to work with you for a Flutter alternative. Just ping me on Discord to discuss that :slight_smile:

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