Disabling OTA trough the web page

It will be good to have a toggle for OTA on the app page on Localazy. With this, we can stop the OTA without building new APK.

Not high priority, just an idea ^^

Not sure at the moment, but many parameters can be tweaked remotely, but it’s not yet available to users. However, if you disable OTA, there is no way how to re-enable them since all the communication will be fully disabled :smiley:.

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Maybe to make an exception just for it? :grin:

However, any such request would keep generating load on servers and thus be a part of OTA pricing :smiley:.

Anyway, it’s worth exploring how to, at least, enable user to control this. There are already some options available, but I’m not, to be honest, sure if it’s possible to disable the update mechanism completely.

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