CRUD API calls with user compiled list of Glossary terms

(CRUD = Create, Read, Update, Delete)
Our translations include a lot of third party company and software/product names that need to stay the same in every other language.
We have a compiled list of these glossaries and we would like to call an API to upload all of these to the Glossary list in Localazy so we don’t have to manualy add all of the terms.

@vaclav Would this be possible to add?

Sure! Adding it to the list. This could be added quickly.

Thank you for the quick response!
This feature would be super helpful

Support for manipulating the project’s glossary was added ;-).

It’s not yet documented on our website but you can read about it in our working repo (please note that it’s not official documentation, just a quick space for the first draft):

Enjoy it and let us know your comments and suggestions.