Cross-project linking

I have multiple project so i try to link some keys across 2 to 4 project taking advantage of the “Cross-project linking” feature , but i noticed that the linked keys don’t copy the value of source key (except in the first download after linking).

  • Link 2 keys (from 2 projects)
  • Change translation of source key (ex: NL)
  • Download (i use CLI)
    => OK: It works fine in the first change
  • Change the same key again
  • Download (tried CLI & File Management)
    => KO: the value of linked key didn’t change!

For further information please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you :slight_smile:


it seems to be a bug on our side - the linked projects are not republished, and thus, the change is not actually taking place unless there is another action that republishes the project.

You can republish the project on your own - use the releases option above the list of languages.

I added the bug to our list for fixing.

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Okay i understand
Thank you for your information