CLI upload not setting message strings

After I run localazy upload the keys and strings are all set to the given keys, while the value for message string is seemingly ignored.

I’m storing my data in a PO file, which is set as type in my config. Apart from type and files is my config pretty much empty.

When I upload the PO file manually on the Dashboard I get the same issue when I don’t touch the config. The only time I get it working is when I select PO/POT file (extended configuration) and tick the box for The msgid attribute is ID/key and not source text on the next step.

Could I be missing something in my upload configuration?


The option The msgid attribute is ID/key and not source text in the manual upload corresponds to enabling skip_source in features in the upload section. This way, msgid is used for the key and msgstr for content.

You can read more here: CLI: File Format - PO/POT | Localazy Docs

Let me know if it helps or feel free to get in touch via online chat.

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