Bridging the gap with Localazy #1

Every single day we are trying to overcome obstacles in our personal lives as well as in our professional ones, both for Localazy and our userbase. Bridging the gap with Localazy is here to help us all navigate through the localization and SaaS growth landscape.

So, what happened last month at Localazy? Let's find out!

Outcomes over outputs

Outcomes are the results of a goal or project, while outputs are the direct products or services of a goal or project. Outcomes represent the impact of an effort and measure how the project or activity affects the environment or people. Outputs measure what was accomplished and the number of resources used. For example, a project may yield 5,000 reports, which would be a measure of output, while the outcome may be that the reports enable users to make more informed decisions.

We are now using outcomes over outputs more formally to find a common language across the team, and it works like a charm.

Let us know what you think about this approach in the comments, and win a gift voucher to get the book for yourself!

Sharing the brains

In January, we invited our CEO Václav to shared the Obsidian vault with Jakub Dubec and Jan Bílek. We have been playing with the idea of shared note-taking & writing culture around Obisidian for months now, and with over 24 thousand nodes right now, our vault is a mighty second brain to the company.

What do we collect in the Obsidian, and what not?

  • Books highlights we read and want to share (Kudos to Kindle Highlights author Hady Osman
  • Content from >150 blog articles on our website
  • All sorts of notes, such as the ones from our hackathon
  • Obsidian is our cold storage for information, so we do not use it for project management or information from other systems such as CRM. We are also making our shift with insights data & brainstorming to Fibery (We'll cover this later).

How does it work?

We use a great Obsidian Git Plugin & Private GitHub repo, plus a minimalistic set of common plugins. The structure of the common vault is following:

  • Each user does have their own /path
  • We also have one common /path following the PARA structure
  • One Legend file where we list important tags & other meta information notes

Contributor leaderboards for public projects

What's better than being recognized in a hall of fame? Well, maybe a pretty thick cheque for all the hard work! Let's keep the cheques alone and explore the new leaderboards feature now available in beta for all public projects.

Leaderboards allow project owners to enlist top contributors and show appreciation. That's a very start, followed by more community features connected to leaderboards.

There are currently two options of use - you can get the data from an endpoint for fully-fledged integration into your app, or you can use the Localazy-hosted leaderboard, which looks like this right now:

Do you think you could get used to this feature to help your app be localized into more languages with the help of the crowd? Ping us via support before it gets into pricing  & get your free beta access right now.

You can give it a try at IDIOMS

Towards meaningful partnerships

Is there something more powerful than word of mouth? Yes, doing it on purpose! Here at Localazy, long-term strategies and partnerships are a channel worth pursuing.

Within the upcoming month, partners will be enlisted in our partnership directory, the first step towards many more actions already available.

PixelAlliance / 7circles is now a trusted partner for Strapi

Strapi verified plugin for content localization is getting good traction & we are proud to introduce the first trusted Strapi integration partner Pixel Alliance. Let's find out what they were able to deliver with Strapi & Localazy!

Sonos is an American developer and manufacturer of audio products best known for its multi-room audio products. Since 2002, the company has grown at a fast pace and is currently expanding to new markets.

Learn how Pixel Alliance experts and Strapi helped Sonos EMEA launch a multilingual website in 8 new markets using Localazy for content localization.

Speaking of partnerships…there is an affiliate as well!

Did you know Localazy does offer an affiliate program for those who do not feel yet for a higher commitment? Check out the top 25 affiliate programs for digital product makers, including one of ours!

Storyblok headless CMS Integration in beta

Telling stories is what makes people human. And Storyblok is an excellent way of doing it on the scale. Moreover, you can now do it in multiple languages while keeping your financial officer calm about budgets for localization tools, which could happen with Lokalise (reportedly by our customers).

Managing multilingual content with Storyblok & Localazy is now possible mainly thanks to David, our man in red - an integration developer ninja who enjoyed his ski trip.

Fibery is getting its place in our hearts.

While Jan Bílek is now profoundly into reconstructing his new flat, he is also tirelessly working towards getting our a bit punk company into shape!

Part of Jan's much-appreciated efforts is the adoption of Fibery, a team knowledge management platform with many superpowers. We received an offer to try out Fibery by recommendation of Ian Bearder of Veedoo when we helped Ukraine Shelter rapidly add more languages to help refugees find temporary homes.

First, we started by collecting all the feedback from various sources in one place. Discuss, Intercom, Emails, Slack, Demo Calls, Reviews on G2 and other sources all have one common place to live & be processed. Fibery is getting its portion of the work to help us with company objective key results.

Marketing got in love with Fibery as well. We can now produce better microcopy for ads and plan solution-based content, laser targeted & pumped with a-ha effects. That's only possible because of team knowledge sharing, which was impossible with ClickUp.

source: Writing about @fibery_io within Fibery. #buildinpublic @localazy. Thanks @IanBearder for the introduction!#PKM is big thing nowadays. But Fibery takes team knowledge management to just another level. The only wet dream of mine is now a "sync" between my @obsdmd vault & this.— Jakub Dubec (@JakeDubec) February 2, 2023

Karma is for free, so we have discovered Fibery, which now tremendously improves our life at Localazy & will positively impact our customers.

How? For example, by aligning the dev & marketing team to produce better solution-based content. That was a massive issue at Localazy. Now, we have a common place where devs & marketers can live together!

New content in Localazy HUB for i18n libraries discovery

When Václav Hodek is not working on the core backend of Localazy or communicating with important stakeholders, he loves to play a bit in his basement (for real) and make my wet dreams come true.

Jakub provided Václav with a new seed dataset & he fed the "AI" to help us generate over 600 new pages focused on programming languages, frameworks & i18n libraries. There was also big help from Mary Okosun, who provided the initial research. Adding different datasets to our hub makes for a significant long-term win. Hub is in its very early days, but like any wonderful baby, it is promising!

Soon, the dataset will be available online.

Idiom of the month

Bundle of nerves.

someone who is extremely anxious or tense.

"during her debut on the show she was a bundle of nerves"

Help us localize this idiom into your language and join our idiom translations contest!

Hungarian language month is still here.

Why should you order professional Hungarian translations at Localazy? Learn about the specifics of the Hungarian language and why professional native speakers should always do Hungarian translations.

You can still make your app & content speak Hungarian for a better price. But do not wait too long; there are only a few days missing to hit the deadline before the discounted offers are valid.

Net-positive Updates

Here at Localazy, we love to pay it forwards and backward. Does it make sense to do business on a dead planet? Not really. So we are here to support good causes which might improve quality of life.

Meet IndieKit

Meet the little Node.js server with all the parts needed to publish content to your website and share it on social networks. Own your data & syndicate your content across the internet network using IndieKit. You can enjoy multilingual support from Localazy ;)

Our developers love Nuxt & we are also interested in increasing cooperation with the Nuxt community. One of the steps we wanted to do was to express our commitment so supporting the OpenSource Community as we do with other projects such as Vue.js or vue-i18n.

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