Backslashes are duplicated on download

If there’s a backslash in a translated string, backslash is duplicated in the downloaded file. I’m experiencing this downloading a .strings file.
Localazy CLI v1.4.7

Hello @natethompson,
Thank you for submitting this issue.
I’ve briefly checked and it’s already coming from FE during translation.

@vaclav is it required on FE to send escaped content like that?

@natethompson: Could you please send me the file to

It’s normal that backslashes are escaped, so when there is \ in the file, it’s typically escaped as \\. However, there may be some issue, so I will gladly verify it if you send me input data.

@janbilek: It’s normal because from FE you send JSON. And it’s JSON on the screenshot (it’s confusing as there is no typical object nor array, but a single string is perfectly valid JSON) and thus escaping is necessary.

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@vaclav Sent!

It makes sense that you would need to escape backslashes on your end. In my case they’re not getting un-escaped when they definitely should be.

Thanks for the email. I will close the issue for now, because technically it’s not a bug but a feature.

The interface is aimed more towards translators, so it does all the escaping, transformations, etc. so they don’t need to.

However, we have included it in our roadmap for the translator interface updates - there should be some way how to do that for sure ;-).