Avoid Chrome Out of Memory errors and improve performance for large projects

We have a project with 33K resources (bottom red arrow). On OmegaT it would be fine editing and translating.

Searching in that project (top red aroow) through the Localazy grid is very slow. Typically it takes a minute or more, even on a high-end HP Workstation with 6 CPUs, 32 GB of memory and 250 Mb Internet connection.

After a number of searches (varies, but say 10), the Chrome browser reports an Ouch, Out of memory.

Would be great when the search performance would be improved.

An alternative approach would be to enable right-click → open in new tab for a segment. In that way often only one search is necessary for dozens of edits / corrections.

Hello @Guido_Leenders,
Thank you for letting us know! This is something we certainly don’t want to happen.
Please let us take a look at it.

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This has been resolved :slight_smile: